I got my swim trunks and my flippie-floppies

Since that last upload, it’s come to my attention that there are actually LOADS of bugs, a couple of which make the end boss completely unplayable.  I also forgot how easy it is for me to play since I’ve been playing for so long, in comparison to someone who just downloaded it.  I know exactly when and where to jump, and I have all the timing down perfectly- for everyone else, not that easy.  I increased the damage of the weapons, and decreased some of the enemy’s damage, in addition to removing and repositioning a couple of them to make up for it.
Chasing down bugs gets really, really monotonous, and I need something to distract myself from it occasionally.  I’ve been playing Skyrim, but I’m starting to feel guilty- surely there’s something I can be doing that will still be making progress?  So today, in between bug-hunting, I made a new ship to replace that tiled monstrosity at the end of the level.

Basically, I found an image of a traditional japanese ship, worked for a few hours in Inkscape to make a vector-drawing that closely resembled it (the original had more sails, was slightly orthographic, and had extra rigging and whatnot) and then pulled a couple of the textures from the original and applied them to my drawing in Photoshop, before cutting out the area for the boss battle and the final dialogue with Emily.  Again, this is just for prototyping, and won’t be included in the final game, or even the official demo, for that matter.  It’s mainly so I can practice using shapes other than the simple squares that come from using tiles.

Meanwhile, my list of bugs continues to grow:
Knife Thug gets stuck in the attacking pose on death instead of disappearing sometimes
Fadeout black boxes don’t self-delete after death (only happened once, can’t reproduce)
Ronin doesn’t acknowledge being hit by the katana from behind during phase 2 of the battle (making it awfully hard to win, since that’s the only way to kill him)
When walking off of a solid block, if you turn around very quickly, you can trick it into thinking that you’re still standing on top of something, preventing the “falling” animation from playing
When jumping off of a slope or one-way platform onto a solid, the collision box isn’t changed from a circle back into a polygon until you *walk* onto a solid (doesn’t seem to affect gameplay anywhere, but I’m sure I’ll have issues with this in the future if I leave it alone)
Ladder movement is still all messed up

Unfortunately, most of these are complete mysteries to me, and will take a long time to work out.  Time is, however, one thing I have plenty of at the moment.