Waking Dream is an idea that’s been nothing more than sketches on the backs of napkins, failed game engines, and something to talk about when I’m bored at work since 2008.  I’ve recently started working on it in earnest, and have decided that my worth as a human being lies in my ability to finish this project.  It’s not about making money or creating memes, so much as it telling a story.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love to tell stories, and this is one I’ve been writing and revising for years.

Waking Dream is about a boy who dreams of different times and places, such as feudal japan, the wild west, and Sherwood forest.  In each dream is a common element -a girl- who insists that she’s real.  Between the dreams, the boy must come to terms with a waking reality that doesn’t match his expectations, and the desire to help the girl escape from the misguided, amoral organization that holds her captive.

Waking Dream is a working title based on previous versions; the final project will almost certainly be called something else.  I’m trying not to give away too many spoilers at the moment, but the game will take place in the near future and involve the player working together with a small group of folks thrown together through circumstance to help rescue a girl from a possibly nefarious organization.  Doing so has effects that will affect the entire world, and the group will have to come to terms with the consequences of their actions.


Made with:

Flash ActionScript
Scirra Construct 2
GarageGames Torque
Scirra Construct 3