I’m always in need of people to play through what I’ve created so far and provide feedback.  Are there spots that are are too hard?  Too confusing?  Did you find a bug or glitch?  I’ve provided some executables that I’d hardly even classify as Alpha builds.  These prototypes are still using test graphics that belong to other entities; there’s no sound, and no music.  The sole purpose is prototyping- does it function the way I ultimately want it to?

Japan Level last updated: 20:38EST 03/21/13
Japan Level- Mac Download
Japan Level- Windows Download

Isometric Test last updated: 10:20EST 02/19/13
Isometric Test- Mac Download
Isometric Test- Windows Download

Pathfinding/Dialogue and Combat test: 20:57EST 04/09/19
Windows 64/32-bit Unity executable
Mac OS Unity application