Functions and Facelifts

It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a new build to show my progress; even now, I was hesitant to upload this one.  There are still a lot of things I want to fix, but every time I change something, it brings to light two other things that I want to do.  [insert nerdy Hydra reference here]  Nonetheless, it’s been more than two weeks since my last one, and it was a pretty half-assed version in itself, just to show off the collision detection methods.
So with this version, I’ve updated a few of the background graphics (you can see where I left off, I haven’t had the time to do the whole level yet) because I’m tired of staring at the built-in tiles that came with the Torque Engine.  I updated the enemy sprites- now they look a lot less japanese, but they move the way they’re supposed to (which showed me a lot of issues that I had to correct).  Fire hurts you now, and it hurts the enemies also.  I fiddled around with the level placement a little bit; it should be a little bit more fun, and a lot more challenging.
There’s still plenty of work to do, though.  Next on my list is ladders.  After the ladder reboot I implemented a few weeks ago, I’m still not satisfied with how everything works.  When you reach the top of a ladder, if you continue trying to climb up, you jump off the top of it, and then back down onto the ladder, and it looks very awkward.  This is something I actually fixed during the weird mental lapse I mentioned in my previous post, but I’ve been putting off revisiting it because I remember it being a huge pain in the ass.  Also, when climbing down a ladder, occasionally when you hit the floor, he won’t automatically dismount.  You’ll have to let up on the down arrow, and then press it again.  I haven’t figured out why it does this, since it only does it sometimes.  But it’s on the list, I swear.
Also, the executables are in a DropBox now, so you don’t have to dick around with Google Docs.  Just a minor change, but one that you’ll notice right away.

Also also, a few links to share.
The Perfect Game Follows These Eight Rules
A Kotaku article about what makes the perfect game.  It’s very broad, so it kind of has one of those self-fulfilling-prophecy kinds of feelings to it in that it’d be easy to interpret any game you like to fit (or not) those criteria.  But it’s still an interesting read, and gave me some food for thought.

How To Launch Your Game development Career in 2013
Another Kotaku article (written by Leigh Alexander of Sexy Videogameland) parodying all the ridiculous bullshit ideas that people have tried to implement as far as social gaming goes.  Very amusing.

Top 10 Events of Indie Games in 2012
An article from detailing what they believe to be the biggest 10 things that helped the indie gaming community this last year.  If there’s anything in here you haven’t heard of, I recommend taking the time to read up on it.