That’s one hell of an updraft

Got all those problems fixed, and took care of a few more. Namely, the behavior of all the enemies has been fixed, including that annoying bouncing-after-being-tossed thing they did. Now I need to make it so that you can’t throw them straight down, since they’d disappear almost immediately.
Also, the boss fight is buggy. Actually, I guess that’s the only bug right now, though I can’t tell how extensive it is. I tried to use the same anti-bounce method on the dude after the Boss Stage 1 tosses you, but it doesn’t seem to work at all. While testing this, I noticed that occasionally, if you get tossed into the fire, you’ll just drift up on the smoke until you end up in the (locked) room with Emily. I can’t see any reason that this is happening, and I’m wondering if I could make it stop if I could manage to conquer the bounce once and for all. I uploaded a new EXE anyways, since this version is working slightly better than the last one. So:

1) Updraft / Bouncing during boss fight

Features to Add:
1) Charging of Boss
2) Sword handle placement
3) Angle limiter to prevent you from throwing enemies straight down (unless you’re in the air)
4) Sake added to inventory for use at a later time
5) Change cursor to let you know when an enemy is within range of your weapon
6) Dead bodies appear at point of enemy’s death (not a priority)
7) Invulnerability within 1-2 seconds of being hit (prevent enemy from spamming attacks)