Test EXE

Fixed the annoying rocket-ladder with a workaround; I found someone else who had the same problem as me, but no help from the forum. So I scrapped the trigger object I was using as a ladder and instead created an invisible block with no physics or collisions and placed it on top of the ladder graphic. Each frame I check to see if the guy is inside the invisible box, and if he is, it applies the ladder behavior. Problem solved.
Now I’m working on ramps; the way I’m doing collision detection doesn’t quite account for it, and so he falls up and down them instead of running up and down them. Pretty sure I can find a way to fix this without too much work, but I’m starting to get a little burned out; the rocket-ladder thing took me most of the last 5 hours.
I’m trying out Google Drive as a place to keep my EXEs uploaded. I’ve started updating the box to the right that shows when the last one was updated, and includes a link to the latest version. Let me know if anyone has any issues downloading it; I’ve never tried Google Drive before.