Making Enemies

I had a duty shift at work yesterday, so I couldn’t work on coding at all, but I spent a lot of time mentally working through methods for ramps and ladders and talking it over with some of my nerdier coworkers. I came home today and immediately sat down at the computer to put everything into motion (pun fully intended).  It took some finagling, and I’m still not 100% satisfied with the movement style of the dude walking up a ramp, but I managed to get ramps, ladders, and one way platforms finished off in just a few hours.  I tested everything out, and I’m satisfied that collision detection is about as done as it’s going to get.  Now it’s time to start designing some enemy behaviors.  I think I might try and translate some of my Python source code over from my deployment project; I had all of the Feudal Japan level bad guys fully programmed, and while the physics are going to be a little different, I can at least use it as a guideline.  Of course, having worked all day yesterday, I’m ridiculously tired, though I should have pretty much all of tomorrow to work on things.  I should probably try and pace myself to make sure I don’t get burned out too quickly.  There’s also a tornado watch in effect right now, and I can hear thunder off in the distance.  I’ve got a bad habit of not saving my work often enough, and perhaps I’d be better off taking a nap for now and not tempting fate.

Concept art for final boss- stage 3