Can’t think of an appropriate pun about hurricanes

Between work, school, halloween costume, and job hunting, I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to work on the game.  The past few days, however, have been excellent for that thanks to hurricane Sandy.  All the roads around me are flooded and work has been duty-section only, which means that it’s finally computer time, and I’m all caught up on Hulu.
Since the last update, I’ve spent most of my time trying to make something that can handle events, and a dialogue-box thingy.  I started the framework for the bosses, but got sidetracked by all the stuff that has to lead up to the boss.  I worked on the walking-backwards thing, but in the end was dissatisfied with how it looked.  Instead, if the cursor is behind the guy while you’re running, the “aim” defaults to a little above and in front of the guy.  If you’re standing still, it’s impossible to aim behind you, since he faces the cursor.  The thing with moving his arms as you aim is something I’d still like to do, along with maybe moving his head to have him look at the cursor, but after spending hours trying to cut Tim’s head off in photoshop for all the frames of his various animations, I decided that this will be something that happens after I move away from using Braid sprites.
Instead of an electrocution and on-fire animation to mount to the enemies, I think I’ll wait until I get to the levels that actually have fire and electricity, and make separate animations for those enemies to make it look better, and save on time.
Along with that, I need to make a stun animation still.  The pitchfork is supposed to throw the enemy, and when he hits the ground, he’s stunned for a second or two.  …I’ll get to it.
Also, I’ve started the basic level design for the Japan level.  The art is all tile-based, which means the collision boxes are too, but this is only to make everything easier.  End result will be something hand-drawn with collision boxes placed in the appropriate spots.  If you want to take a look around, don’t go into the room with the samurai until the end, because the doors will close behind you, and won’t reopen until you defeat him.  And right now he’s just a picture, so you won’t be able to.
So, today’s goal will be to finish the behavior for the samurai, so he can actually be killed.  Wish i had some better animations, and I actually spent a while trying to find some rips of N, but in the end, I’ll just stick to what I’ve got.

Speaking of N, they’ve got a pretty cool site, and it has a couple tutorials about design and whatnot.
Metanet Software
Anyhow, back to coding.  Here’s hoping my apartment doesn’t float away.  Hell, if I get lucky, I might get tomorrow off of work too!