Guns, Burns, and Steel

Finished the last of the weapons earlier.  All of the melee attacks look pretty bad; I pretty much just took the mind-blast animation and colored it- black and light blue for the prod, brown for the pitchfork, gray for the katana and sword.  The western pistol, the mob pistol, and the rifle all shoot the same type of bullet, and the charged mind-blast looks the same as the regular mind-blast except it’s purple.  The charged mind-shield doesn’t have an energy drain and acts a little different from the standard one.  I’m not sure the energy-bar is as intuitive as I was hoping for, and since it’s only used in the one weapon, I’m considering some alternative approaches.
The roving melee enemy has been made invincible for this build so you guys can play around with the different weapons without killing him too easily.  Specifically the charged psychic weapons, since they’re instant-kill.
Before I can move on to unique enemy behaviors (that is, flying enemies and bosses), there are a couple things I want to finish off:
– A stun behavior for enemies hit by the prod and whip
– An electrocuted animation to mount to enemies stunned by the prod
– An on-fire animation to mount to enemies (and the player, I suppose) hit by molotov
– A psychic on-fire animation to mount to enemies hit by the charged psychic weapons
– Support for the player to walk backwards if you’re trying to shoot something in the direction opposite that of movement
– Some sort of arms-holding-a-weapon to mount to an armless player that rotate around based off of the mouse position when firing ranged weapons (not a priority)

These will likely take a long-ass time, but in the end, I think it’ll vastly improve the look and feel of combat.  Not to mention that they’ll give me something to focus on instead of moving on to the boss behaviors.

I also wanted to leave you with a link I found the other day about the software that had to be specifically engineered for the movie Tron Legacy for the sole purpose of visuals.  It’s pretty neat seeing some of the behind the scenes programming at work:
Jtnimoy – Tron Legacy