Slow going

So I went through and started the level redesign, which uncovered many ridiculously huge flaws in the physics.  Mostly ladders, slopes, and one-way platforms.  I got the ladders tweaked; now instead of being able to move left and right on a ladder, it locks you to the center of it.  If you stand near a ladder and press up, if you’re not right at the center, it walks you towards the center and then puts you on the ladder (just like in Braid).  I also noticed that any time you were on a one-way and jumped to another one-way (even if it was the same one, i.e. jumping in place) you’d pass right through the second one as if it weren’t there.  I spent days working on that, and it wasn’t until I sat down with a guy from work and worked it out with pen and paper that I finally got it working.  Still not satisfied, I decided that I wanted all slopes to also be one-way (so if you walk or jump up through the bottom, you’ll land on the top).  And that’s what I’m still fighting with now, and why there hasn’t been in update in over two weeks.
Along with all that, I’ve joined the rest of the world in the “looking for a job” game.  I’ve nearly finished my military contract, and I’d like to have something to jump right into when I’m done.  I’ll take a pizza delivery job if it comes to it, but I’d prefer to have something relevant to my skills and that will look good on a resume.  I’ve had numerous phone calls, phone interviews, and real-world interviews with head-hunters over the last couple weeks.  The time of the year isn’t exactly working in my favor- nobody really wants to make anything happen until after the new year, but I still have to put work into it now.  Whenever I get some down time I lad the game back up, but usually after half an hour or so, I’m so frustrated with it that I give up and find something else to do.
Speaking of something else, I’ve got a couple links for you:

PC AI sucks at Civilization, reads manual, starts kicking ass
Legal Assistance for Game Developers
OUYA software development kit

The first one is a good read, the next two won’t be that interesting unless you’re something of a developer yourself.

I suppose that’s it for now.  I’ll keep slogging away and hopefully I can make enough progress for a new build soon.