Heads up!

I’ve got the beginnings of a mini HUD that I’ll use to track which weapon the player is carrying, health, number of health-drinks carried, and any other inventory items (keys, for example).
I also got the mind blast and whip weapons working. In the end, the whip will stun its enemies to make up for the fact that it’s such a slow weapon, but since the japanese level enemies have no need for stun behaviors (since the whip won’t be on that level) i’m leaving it as just a generic ranged weapon for now. I’ll start working on another ranged weapon, probably the molotov, and make sure that works, and then finish getting some of the more unique enemy behaviors down.
I ended up going back to the enemies with scrolling text like I had on deployment, as far as animations go. The poser thing was a neat idea, but just not a time-efficient way of doing things.
So, next up is to work on player health, which currently gos down every time he’s hit by the enemy, but isn’t really tracked anywhere, and doesn’t let him die at all. I need to make an appropriate-looking health bar for the HUD, program in the behavior for the pitchfork, make some health-potion-y things, and then I can start working on the first level in earnest. I’m pretty pleased by the way it’s coming together.