A Bad Word

I’ve been trying to avoid using The Word, because it feels like giving up. But I’m not kidding anyone, and I have to admit it to myself before I can say it out loud.


Whenever I see that word attributed to a game or a webcomic, I think “well, so much for this thing. It’ll never be touched again.”
I guess I’ve had a couple hiatuses, though. One after each iteration of my game: the ActionScript version, the Construct versions, the Python version.
I’ve already come too far to give up and start over now. When I pick back up on it, it will definitely be from where I left off. And I did get to a pretty good stopping point. All I have left to do before I can start working on the Noir level is to link the waking isometric level with the end of the Japan level.
But right now, I’ve got a little too much going on in my life to focus on the game. I’m moving to Tennesee at the end of the month, I just started a bunch of classes at Western Governor’s University that I need to get ahead in, and I’m still looking for a real job. After we get to Tennesee and get everything set up, I still have to come back to Virginia to retrieve my car and drive back to TN, right after which we’re taking a month-long trip around the country to visit some family.
So what does that mean for Waking Dream?
I haven’t given up on it. I expect to get back to working on it regularly sometime towards the end of June, once the things in my life settle into more of a routine. I’ll keep having ideas and writing them down, I’ll keep working on level designs. I’ll stay active on the TIGForums, and I’ll keep downloading and playing other people’s indie games in the constant search for ideas, improvement, and inspiration.
If I find any links or anything interesting I want to share, I might even continue posting some things here. If I get any artwork for the game during my hiatus, I’ll show some of that off. And who knows, maybe in between working on classwork, I’ll need something to take my mind off of stuff and I’ll get a little work done on my game.