I guess that last upload had a bunch of bugs in it. I remember shortly after uploading, I caught an error, so I compiled a new build and hurriedly uploaded that one.  I must have been in the middle of some other things, because there was stuff that wasn’t quite finished.  So here’s what I have so far:

Player can die now, though if you press “g” it will toggle god mode.  You won’t see anything, but trust me, it’s there.  If you die, it puts you back at the start of the level.  I’m working on checkpoints now.
The horse-kidnapping thing at the beginning is done, along with the acquisition of the katana as a new weapon.
The samurai’s health is fixed- I guess his health bar wasn’t showing up, and one hit from the katana would kill him before.  All better now.
I got rid of some misleading tiles that made it look like you couldn’t jump to certain spots.  The level will be overhauled after I’m done with the final boss and everything; for now, it’s just a rough idea of what it will look like.

Still to come:
Checkpoints of some sort.
A stun behavior for enemies hit by the pitchfork.
Health things.
Fixing the non-boss enemy attacks.  They only deal damage at the very end of the attack animation, so as long as you’re not standing right in front of them at that point, you’re safe.  Which includes just running right through them.

So, yeah.  I’m getting there.