Where’s Buckaroo Bonzai when you need him?

I swapped out the caveman sprite with a cheesy ninja sprite I found online, just as a placeholder. I completely modular-ized the enemy attack system, so all I have to do when I add a new enemy to the screen is give it a name. Based off of the name (Thug, Knifethug, Deckhand, etc) it changes all the applicable variables (range, damage, speed, fernkampf, etc). It took me a while to get the damage-dealing system down, and I’m still not 100% sure I like how the character turns translucent for the few seconds after each hit. It’s supposed to signify that he’s invulnerable to another hit, but most games make the character flash or something. I’m having a hard time coming up with a blinking routine, and I figured that the translucent thing would be more appropriate to a dream theme anyways. I dunno, maybe it’ll grow on me.

I spent the past 11 hours straight working on coding, and the progress I made today was incredible. Next I need to work on weapons for the player, and after that I suppose I’ll start programming in all the behaviors for the rest of the enemies. Thanks to the modules I created, it’ll be pretty easy. The only stuff that’ll require anything special will be minibosses and bosses. Though really, I’m looking forward to that quite a bit- those should be a lot of fun. I just need some sprites for them!

notes on final boss: Beast From The Other Dimension

Stage 1: Enemy flies, bobbing in place for 2 seconds (use a sine wave for natural movement). After 2 seconds, swoops to player’s position for attack. 1 out of x chance to start a ceiling crawl, where x starts at 4 and decreases by 1 for each swoop. During a ceiling crawl, Beast unfolds wings and dislodges chunks of ceiling to throw at player. Player must shoot at wings.
Stage 2: With wings destroyed, Beast gallops across floor at player. Player must use Mind shield at the appropriate time or get thrown back against wall by Beast. After each gallop, 1 out of x chance for another gallop instead of a leap (where x starts at 4 and decreases by 1 for each leap). Beast leaps to player’s position and commences a flurry of scything attacks with arms. Beast is completely invulnerable except for the couple seconds after being blocked by Mind shield.
Stage 3: Abdomen sprouts tentacles and claws. Large tentacle fires energy beam at ceiling to knock down rubble on to player. After 3-6 shots, tentacle curls into an ‘S’ shape for 2 seconds and shoots at player. Beast is completely invulnerable to attack.
After 2 shots at player, Ending sequence begins with guards and Emily.