Nick Pawlowski

Hold muh beer!

It’s been nearly a year since my last update on this blog, but anybody who actually keeps an eye on it will notice that it has recently undergone some drastic changes.

The company I started last year, Hold My Beer Technologies, released its first app on iOS last December, and on Android a few months ago. My intentions were to dive right into a version 2 of that app, working on all the feedback I’d gotten from version 1, but after almost a year of staring at the same code I’d started feeling a little burned out.

It was just the excuse I needed to dive back into Forge of Asha/Waking Dream, and just in the last week I’ve actually managed to make quite a bit of progress. I’m calling the character screen 100% complete, I fixed a couple bugs in the combat that I hadn’t noticed before, and got everything updated to the newest versions in Unity. I’ve started working on the inventory screen and am making decent progress there, too- hopefully I’ll have a new demo available for download within the next week or so.

The site redesign comes from my decision to include Forge of Asha under the Hold My Beer Technologies umbrella (as well as a desire to divorce myself from Godaddy’s webhosting once and for all, and manage everything site-related myself on an Amazon Lightsail server). I’ve matched the blog’s theme to the main HMB Tech developer blog, and added it officially as a part of the HMB Tech website. will still redirect here for the foreseeable future, and if whoever owns ever sells it, that might too. I’ll be maintaining this blog separately from the HMB Tech developer’s blog- just as part of the same site.