June 22nd, 2011
The animation module is complete, and works perfectly. However, it ended up revealing some more issues with my collision detection, and three days later I’m still trying to figure out why the player sometimes can’t jump off of a ramp. I think I need to take a small break; I’ve been working on this thing for almost two weeks straight. Of course, the office I’m working out of is also about 94 degrees now (ranging from about 92 in the morning to 98 in the afternoon), and that makes it awfully hard to concentrate. The other day, my supervisor walked in after I’d fallen asleep in my chair and thought I’d passed out from heat stroke. “Pawlowski, I thought you’d just sweated yourself to death!” Unfortunately, I don’t see the physical conditions getting better until after we leave the middle east, which will be months down the road; I might have to try and find somewhere else to work. On the upside, I got my stitches out yesterday, and my head wound is healing up rather nicely.