Welcome to Hold My Beer Technologies!

This website is basically the last step I still needed to take to “legitimize” the app development company I conceived of almost two years ago, and officially got a license for just a few weeks ago.

The site itself, you might notice, looks a little goofy- I’m trying to walk a fine line between “We are a professional software development company” and “Hey guys, let’s not take ourselves so seriously, right?” The company itself isn’t likely going to be a full-time venture on my part for at least several years, if at all, and so I don’t want to sink too much manpower and resources into it. I still want something fun to show off, though! Plus, now that I have an actual website for the company, I can start looking in to things like trademarks and copyrights (since, in the USA, you have to show that you’re using a trademark in order to actually register it).

For now, I only have one main project in the works- HeyClock, which I’ll go over in more detail in a later blog post. The “unnamed party game app” listed in the main site’s projects is really the inspiration behind the company’s name- I don’t have a single line of code written for it yet, but I’ve got a plan that I hope to start implementing once I finish up with HeyClock.

For now, feel free to click around in the site, enjoy the scrolling animation I painstakingly programmed from scratch, and bookmark this development blog to see what HMB Tech’s future holds in store!