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Hold My Beer Technologies (more ostentatiously known as HMB-Tech) is an app development company based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Definitely a small operation (at the moment), we're focusing on smaller one-time apps with little required upkeep or maintenance. Ideally, utility apps designed to fill in the surprisingly-still-present-after-all-this-time gaps in the iOS and Android marketplaces, and to replace buggy and unmaintained apps with specific functions that other developers have left behind.

Current Projects

Due to limited personnel and resources, we're putting most of the effort into only one project at a time. However, it's not unusual for us to have several "irons in the fire."


HeyClock is an alarm app that's a little more personalized than the built-in alarms on smartphones. Instead of a beeping (or otherwise obnoxious) ringtone, HeyClock will play a custom message, letting you know what time it is and why you should be paying attention.
Ideally suited for people who have a lot of tasks to accomplish in a short period of time, or need a little extra help keeping an eye on the time while getting ready for the day.
Click here to see the FAQ for HeyClock and to learn more about it.

Coterie Games

Work in progress!

For when you're out at a bar or a friend's house, and didn't bring any of your usual boxes of politically-incorrect card-based games with you.

Waking Dream (working title)

A point-and-click RPG (built in Unity for PC and Mac) that's been almost ten years in the making.

Click here to read the game-specific development blog and find out about the most recent iteration!

Unnamed Pokey/Swipey Game

Because who doesn't love poking and swiping to earn points?

Developer's Blog

Without giving away too many trade secrets and inner workings, our blog will describe some of the challenges faced and progress made on our current projects from a more technical perspective.

Click here to read more, or read below to see summaries and links for our most recent posts.

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